About Reactor

Round and round, the Gold Ones go, watching the unruly Ivan Poe.

Reactor is an art collective, currently made up of three core members (Bruce Asbestos, Phillip Henderson and Niki Russell) and an undisclosed number of secret members.

The Gold Ones will soon emerge on the Armada Way as part of the Plymouth Art Weekender, and then at Schwitters' Merz Barn and the Weekend of Weird at Radar later in 2016.

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A Weekend of Weird

Sep 08, 2016

Step inside the CCH, where the real action is, surrounded on all sides by the Five Gold Ones. 'A Weekend of Weird' at Radar, Loughborough University, 26 & 27 November 2016

Reactor Projects

Alligator Resort


As many Floridian golfers know, the perfect leisure experience is fraught with dangers, and alligators have been known to stop play.

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Martinmas Interviews


We sincerely encourage those who feel ready to join the group and take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews.

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More projects