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Reactor is sometimes Rector, aRector or even Ivan’s Dogs with an accent.

To be really reductive and slightly clumsy here, we ring up our mates and say let's get together on Saturday night and have some ‘fun’. No one has any fun, and the next day we get together with another bunch of mates and have some ‘right fun’ about the fact no one had any fun.

We were in the midst of a new season of Reactor Halls with Plastique Fantastique, Reactor and Dirty Electronics. Like everyone else, this programme has been disrupted by Covid-19, and the remaining events are postponed until further notice.

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Reactor Halls E21: Rhythmic Spaces

Feb 22, 2020

POSTPONED. A prefab centrepiece is assembled in-situ that is part-scenery, part-stage, part-sound-structure. A ‘rhythmic space’ is created with Dirty Electronics.

Reactor Projects

Ivan Poe


Ivan Poe is an art work released as a video game, following a crude cuboid character as they keep on truckin' through the Cosmic Soup.

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Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor.

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