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Reactor has been looking at windsocks

These brightly coloured conical tubes are designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. The group has visited various examples of them at airports, chemical plants and alongside distant windy highways. Returning from these utilitarian sites, we have installed our own windsock in the playground at Primary, so that we can spend more time watching its behaviour in the hope that one day we will understand what it is saying to us.

Through sustained observation we have noticed that the windsock starts to eat itself, as though a modern-day Ouroboros. Why not watch the windsock here, and imagine this is you flapping about in the wind.

The last two events in the current season of Reactor Halls are with Jenny Moore and Graham Dunning.

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Reactor Halls E16: Ghost in the Machine Music

Mar 13, 2015

Five experimental artists explore the ingrained social, physical and sonic resonances of Primary and Nottingham through the prism of DIY electronic music. Saturday 6 June, 19:00.

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Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor.

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Reactor have recently installed a new outdoor sculpture at Primary.

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Welcome to Dummy Button. This is the future. The currency of choice is time, and you must trade in Periods. Enter now, and boost, BOOST, BOOST!

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