About Reactor

Reactor is an art group that assembles new, collective realities in which audiences and Reactor members co‑participate.

Reactor projects explore the ways in which cohesion of social groups is maintained through shared belief systems and collective action. Seeking to transcend the exhibition form, Reactor employ a lateral extension of the possibilities of art practice, encouraging it to spill out from its initial structure into an expanded field of activity.

Bringing you a new season of Reactor Halls events for 2014, with cosmic cybernetics, a myth-science-drone, a live talk show, mind-control workshops, band-life drawing, a mystery show and more. Next up we have Reactor Halls E10: Myth-Science-Colloquium, curated by Plastique Fantastique on Saturday 26 April 2014. 

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Reactor Halls E10

Mar 29, 2014

We do not know what Myth-Science-Colloquium will sound/look like, but in a future yet to be determined we will know when we have heard/seen it.

Reactor Projects

Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of events that embrace the live situation.

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Log!c ?stem


Reactor will gather, assemble, perform and exhibit a new work over four weekends at Flux Factory to make Log!c ?stem.

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Dummy Button


Welcome to Dummy Button. This is the future. The currency of choice is time, and you must trade in Periods. Enter now, and boost, BOOST, BOOST!

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