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Reactor is sometimes Rector, aRector or even Ivan’s Dogs with an accent.

To be really reductive and slightly clumsy here, we ring up our mates and say let's get together on Saturday night and have some ‘fun’. No one has any fun, and the next day we get together with another bunch of mates and have some ‘right fun’ about the fact no one had any fun.

We hope you all experienced a joyous bacchanal for Martinmas on Sarturday 11 November 2017. We heartily enjoyed our own festivities and would like to share an update with you here.

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You wanna be in Martinmas?

Jun 21, 2017

Establish orderand obliterate - be aware. Martinmas is a...archetype. The way we live today has never been more whatevers. Apply today.

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Martinmas Interviews


We sincerely encourage those who feel ready to join the group and take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews.

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Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor.

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