About Reactor

Reactor is an art group.

Reactor's work has previously involved the creation of various social microcosms - from a traditional english pub to a self–help training cult - in which audiences and Reactor members co-participated. More recently Reactor has put these live works on hold, whilst we develop a new series of videos. The group also curate a series of events entitled Reactor Halls at Primary in Nottingham (UK).

We have a new season of Reactor Halls events starting in February, featuring Dirty Electronics, Benedict Drew, Rammel Club, Jenny Moore and Graham Dunning.

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Reactor Halls E14: Cables

Feb 18, 2015

Rammel Club presents a celebration of the humble cable, with workshops, installations and performances on Saturday 28 February, 14:00-23:00.

Reactor Halls E13: Salon dyslexic

Jan 29, 2015

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An event that attempts to tackle the anxiety and neurosis generated from the condition of dyslexia. Benedict Drew & friends, Saturday 21 February, 19:00

Reactor Projects

Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor.

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Martinmas Interviews


Reactor sincerely encourages those who feel ready to join the group, and to take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews.

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Log!c ?stem


Reactor will gather, assemble, perform and exhibit a new work over four weekends at Flux Factory to make Log!c ?stem.

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