About Reactor

Reactor is an art group.

Reactor's work has previously involved the creation of various social microcosms - from a traditional english pub to a self–help training cult - in which audiences and Reactor members co-participated. More recently Reactor has put these live works on hold, whilst we develop a new series of videos. The group also curate a series of events entitled Reactor Halls at Primary in Nottingham (UK).

Happy Martinmas! We're just recovering from our celebrations, and are happy to share details of the festivities as well as our good news.

From the blog

Žižek and Performance

Nov 30, 2014

Daniel Oliver has written a chapter entitled 'Getting Involved with the Neighbour's Thing: Žižek and the Participatory Performance of Reactor' for this recent book.

Apply now for Martinmas Interviews 2014

Oct 18, 2014

With just 23 days to go until this year's Martinmas Interviews (taking place again in Nottingham on the 11th November 2014) - there is still (just enough) time for you to apply, complete your preparations, and join us for the celebration.

Reactor Projects

Martinmas Interviews


Reactor sincerely encourages those who feel ready to join the group, and to take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews.

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Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of events that embrace the live situation.

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Log!c ?stem


Reactor will gather, assemble, perform and exhibit a new work over four weekends at Flux Factory to make Log!c ?stem.

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