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IMT Digital Residency

Jan 01, 2022

Digital Residency
IMT Gallery

Across 2022 we're part of the IMT Digital Residency with Orphan Drift, Reece Griffiths & Ellie Towers, Bijan Moosavi, I. Nakhla, Frankie Roberts, and Rieko Whitfield.

If you want to delve behind-the-scenes and experience the processes involved in the artistic practice of seven artists/artist collectives, check out IMT Gallery to receive monthly 'art releases'.

The residency is coalescing around key threads, built in collaboration with the resident artists and narrated by IMT, including embodiment, fictioning, site-specificity and psycho-geography, and will develop a range of online and physical events across the year.

A taste for the old school is now settling in under your skin and you stick on a video, a trailer invites you to follow the Gold Ones. Reactor’s alternative histories bring new mythologies and approaches to living, you look around your apartment imagining interior decor, perhaps even a kitchen refit. Then a very self-assured voice offers you the chance to boost your luck.