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Ivan Poe Roll-Thru + Discussion

Sep 16, 2021

Ivan Poe Roll-Thru + Discussion
Thursday 13 May, 19:00–20:30
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A live performance roll-thru of the Ivan Poe video game, as this cuboid character keeps truckin’ on through the Cosmic Soup.

The Ivan Poe game has been developed in collaboration by Reactor, Bruce Asbestos and Jez Noond. For this event they will be joined by Kitty Clark, Mark Jackson and Jamie Sutcliffe to discuss video games, performance streaming and the myriad overlaps.

This event is part of Here, the Gold Ones meet, a residency and new video-installation by the art collective Reactor currently on show at Bonington Gallery, which documents the lives of a cohort of higher spiritual beings known as The Gold Ones.