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Here, the Gold Ones flatter - Bonington Gallery

Feb 23, 2022

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Here, the Gold Ones flatter
Bonington Gallery
EXHIBITION: 26 March-21 May 2022
PREVIEW: Friday 25 March, 5-8pm
PERFORMANCE: Saturday 7 May, 10-4pm

It is happening again.
Here, the Gold Ones were.
We’ve heard that before.
But this time it was flatter.

So, as we were saying.
It’s an original story.
No, this is an origin story.
Everyone already knows this.

Everywhen, here and there.
This is what we always said.
Mis-shaped and not in proportion.
As though seen for the first time.

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CCH 24hr TV - Live on YouTube

May 09, 2021

CCH 24hr TV
Monday 10 May, 17:00 - Saturday 29 May, 15:00
Watch here

What’s happening in the Cosmic Care Home today?

Tune into the CCH 24hr TV transmission. Scrolling through the numerous cameras in the Home, the Helping Hands choose what you can see, around the clock. These cycles of slow-rest, care, break-fast, and well … what you can see now, is that time for the Gold Ones travels differently.

This event is part of Here, the Gold Ones meet, a residency and new video-installation by the art collective Reactor currently on show at Bonington Gallery, which documents the lives of a cohort of higher spiritual beings known as the Gold Ones.

Here, the Gold Ones meet

Nov 12, 2020

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Here, the Gold Ones meet
Bonington Gallery
RESIDENCY: 7 April-29 May 2021
EXHIBITION: 17-29 May 2021

Residency punctuated by live events streamed from the gallery. Book 'ere to visit the Cosmic Care Home between 17-29 May 2021.


Can you hear me?
Yes we can hear you quite clearly now.
It’s good to speak with you again.
What is it like there?
Here, there are endlessly repeating cosmic planes.
Visions of the past and future are accessible.
That’s how we remember it anyway.
So, we’re projecting now.
You’ll need to read between the lines.
Piece together the glimpses. The pieces.
You’re about to arrive.


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Polymorph Other

Oct 13, 2019

Curated by Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson
Queen's Hall, Hexham
PREVIEW: Friday 18 October, 6pm
19 October-23 November 2019

In Polymorph Other YOU track down the villain! Travel the great spaceways of the Blue Mountain, enter the deep caverns of the Dice Cult, herald the gold-trimmed adamant platebody armour of the Runescape avatar! Obey the dictum of the TOTALLER game table! Invite your friends to explore the virtual realities of The Gold Ones!  Step into an alternative world where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson! Your mission: to search for an answer to the ever-growing threat of the Present Continuum!

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