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Ivan Poe, Roll-Thrus every Sunday 8pm on Twitch

Aug 09, 2020

Ivan Poe, Roll-Thrus
Sundays, 20:00-21:00
Twitch & Facebook

Each Sunday at 8pm we're streaming 'Roll-Thrus' of the Ivan Poe video game LIVE on Twitch and Facebook. Join us and tell us what you think. Every fortnight, we'll also be sharing public links to new beta-versions of different realms within the game on - and if that's not enough, you can also wishlist the full game on Steam.

Ivan Poe is a Rolla-Cuboid-Furred-Dimenshun, Chaotic-Roleplay-Cum-Find-Your-Way-Adventure Video Game.

Ivan Poe, Roll-Thru - Tannoy Level (Beta)

Jul 23, 2020

Ivan Poe, Roll-Thru - Tannoy Level (Beta)
Sunday 26 July, 20:00-21:00

This Sunday we will be sharing the first public links to download the Ivan Poe - Tannoy Level (Beta).

We will also be streaming our first 'Roll-Thru' LIVE on Twitch, Sunday 8-9pm. Join us and tell us what you think.

Ivan Poe is a Rolla-Cuboid-Furred-Dimenshun, Chaotic-Roleplay-Cum-Find-Your-Way-Adventure -- Video Game coming soon on and Steam from Reactor.

Reactor Halls E20: The Gold Ones’ Dummies

Jan 29, 2020

Reactor Halls E20: The Gold Ones' Dummies

The Gold Ones have existed across time, and now reside in the Cosmic Care Home (CCH). On this higher astral plane they are cut off from a wider community, and lead a bureaucratically controlled existence, cared for by elusive 'Helping Hands'. What can be seen here, is a broadcast of The Gold Ones as they move through cycles of activity - rest, care, affirmation, breakfast, exercise, games, and treatment. Or, if and when you’re ready, Dummies can visit the CCH for a period, joining The Gold Ones in the main gathering room.

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Reactor Halls E19: TEK-ANIMAL-LIFE Rendezvous

Jan 29, 2020

Reactor Halls E19: TEK-ANIMAL-LIFE Rendezvous
Plastique Fantastique
Saturday 15 February, 18:30-22:00

Tickets: BOOK HERE

Performing @ Rendezvous: Plastique Fantastique, Benedict Drew, Reactor, Frankie Roberts.

TEK-Life: The animal-arm is cyber-extended through the mouse-animal; the animal-object is surface-extended through the contact-microphone-animal, the animal-voice is amplified-extended through the dynamic-microphone-animal, the word-animal is double-decay-extended through the delay-pedal-animal, the animal-song is made sweet-sour-blended-extended by the mixer-animal, the animal-communication is earworm-extended through the speaker-box-animal (and all in that order). The animal-eye is light-extended through the projector-animal, the animal-sight is lens-focus-extended by the 4K-click-record-animal; the animal-brain-image is pixel-extended by the screen-animal. For TEK-ANIMAL-LIFE Rendezvous, all come together in one big loop of the fairyland of TEK-Folk. No human-masters here, only TEK-Animal-Kin!

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Polymorph Other

Oct 13, 2019

Curated by Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson
Queen's Hall, Hexham
PREVIEW: Friday 18 October, 6pm
19 October-23 November 2019

In Polymorph Other YOU track down the villain! Travel the great spaceways of the Blue Mountain, enter the deep caverns of the Dice Cult, herald the gold-trimmed adamant platebody armour of the Runescape avatar! Obey the dictum of the TOTALLER game table! Invite your friends to explore the virtual realities of The Gold Ones!  Step into an alternative world where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson! Your mission: to search for an answer to the ever-growing threat of the Present Continuum!

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