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Here, the Gold Ones flatter - Bonington Gallery

Feb 23, 2022

Here, the Gold Ones flatter
Bonington Gallery
EXHIBITION: 26 March-21 May 2022
PREVIEW: Friday 25 March, 5-8pm
PERFORMANCE: Saturday 7 May, 10-4pm

It is happening again.
Here, the Gold Ones were.
We’ve heard that before.
But this time it was flatter.

So, as we were saying.
It’s an original story.
No, this is an origin story.
Everyone already knows this.

Everywhen, here and there.
This is what we always said.
Mis-shaped and not in proportion.
As though seen for the first time.

This is an explainer: Following on from Reactor’s residency in 2021, they return with a new video installation that describes what came before. Digital animation, mobile sculpture and choreographed performance combine to please the ears and eyes. Gather round for the reveal, succumb to each and every tall tale told, even when this belief is unfounded.

Special thanks to Adam Sinclair (Animation), Lotti V Closs (Additional Modeling Support), Rebecca Lee and Alison Lloyd (Voices), and Jim Brouwer (AV Consultant) for collaborating on Here, the Gold Ones flatter


The life of the models
PERFORMANCE: Saturday 7 May, 10am-4pm

This is how too, 
When the time is right,
The Hands gather together,
To GO again.

I see that,
From your perspective,
The lines fall into focus, 
As though directed from above.

The life of the models,
Informs the Fourth World,
Their flickering motion,
Stirs the Soup.

This is a spoiler: For one day only, within Reactor’s current exhibition Here, the Gold Ones flatter, a choreographed performance brings the models to life. Helping Hands slip easily into particular models as though they were made to fit. The path of the models is straight and runs right round. Over-cycles the hoop turns and reality dissolves, Hands become those from the past and youse can watch from within the corral.