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Last night I met Max Gold – David Burrows

Jul 15, 2024

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Looking back on two exhibitions Here, the Gold Ones flatter (2022) and Here, the Gold Ones meet (2021), Bonington Gallery commissioned a text by David Burrows released here alongside a single screen edit of the flatter film.

Last night I met Max Gold. This was unexpected as I was at the party celebrating my 100th birthday, invisible to all, feeling sad and sorry for myself (because I could see that I was not in good shape and not long for this world). But I was happy to hear the nice things friends and carers in the care home were saying about me, and enjoying the kind words of (very important) people I had never met before, paying me an unexpected visit. I have had this dream before, several times, but never with Max making an appearance. Max can see me though (in my dream)! Max can see the invisible me (not the me, sitting at a table full of food, shaking hands, exchanging pleasantries). I know this because Max crept up behind me (the invisible me) to deliver a message to my right ear, ‘The fear of loss is a strong motivator… Stronger than the opportunity to gain or change…’ I remember distinctly thinking I have heard these words before but couldn’t place where and when. I looked behind me and couldn’t see a soul but still whispered, ‘Max?’ (Somehow, I knew it was Max Gold who had spoken, a figure or entity that I associate with the art collective Reactor.) Again, with words familiar but not placeable, Max spoke, and with increasing conviction, saying this fear (of loss) was not their own fear. Max was in the zone. Max was the prize. Normally this recurring dream of mine ends after guests praise my stoic acceptance of a life lived less successfully than I might have hoped for, shedding tears at my constant ploughing of a furrow no matter what, which brought reassurance to everyone who counted me as a friend or acquaintance. This part of the dream – the best bit – did not happen. Instead, everyone turned their attention to Max, now materialised as a golden egg (though this description does not do justice to the Gold One – egg-shaped with tentacles, a flickering mouth and rippling, golden skin). On viewing this apparition, I wondered whether this was my dream or, indeed, whether I was in Max’s dream? Was Max in my head, or was I in Max’s head, or were both of us in a stream of thoughts in another head. Or maybe Reactor had hacked my unconscious?

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Emily Beber writes about Reactor Halls E15

Aug 29, 2015

Reactor Halls E15: You can't win them all, ladies & gentlemen
Emily Beber

The first time I met artist Jenny Moore, we were stomach-down, on the floor of Tate Britain, silently dragging ourselves in choreographed movement toward the flight of stairs she had planned for us to ‘fall’ down, our descent overseen by an entire gallery-full of ‘Late At Tate’ visitors. This was just part one of her residency, ‘Disrupt’, at Tate Britain. I’d experienced some of her work before, as the stage-presence ‘Charismatic Megafauna’, a sort of hybrid cheerleader-come-all-girls-drum-band with impressive down beats and sinister costumes. But this performance trafficked something other. Designed to interrupt a conventional gallery experience, it realised itself as a contemporary institutional critique gone ‘cultural’ and there was a reckless loudness to it. The public space had been, for a while, Moore’s studio. And in just a few unprescribed movements, she had articulated and undone the tensions its austere façade had accrued over centuries.

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Richard Whitby reviews Reactor Halls E11

Jun 16, 2014

Reactor Halls E11: The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show
Richard Whitby

"Featuring works by Jennet Thomas, Paul Tarragó and Leo Chadburn (aka Simon Bookish), artist collective Reactor’s live art experiment Reactor Halls E11: The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show was a mixed bill of video, film, performance, music and a quiz (with prizes). The last in a series of ‘events that embrace the live situation’, it was held at the group’s studio space in Primary, a former primary school turned new art space in Lenton, Nottingham.

A classroom seemed an appropriate setting for this hospitable but also self professedly ‘dark’ programme – traffic between the worlds of adult and childish understanding being a common device in the works ..."

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Emma Moore reviews Reactor Halls E08

Mar 28, 2014

Reactor Halls E08: The Family Show
Emma Moore

The Family Show, hosted by Kathy Noble, marked the eighth episode in a series of live events staged at Reactor Halls, PRIMARY.  The evening was billed as a talk show[1] and included a special conversation with artists Julia Crabtree  & William Evans and performances by Jennifer Bailey and Sophiel Aurora.

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