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Total GHAOS feature in The Quietus

Jan 01, 2016

GHAOS Reigns: The Total Institutions of Reactor

Robert Barry wrote this feature on Reactor's work for The Quietus

"Ten years ago, a group of artists from Nottingham built a world in a warehouse. It was a world built on stilts, constructed from scaffolding in a vast, open space with very high ceilings. Everyone had a role, from the seals working in the mine to the lynxes on the Supreme Council. It was a world complete, with its own rules and values, all watched over by the benevolent eye of the Reactor Party and their Secret Police.

It only lasted four days, but talking to the people who were there a decade later, it seems astonishingly fresh in their memories. They can still hum from memory the not-quite-off-key motif of the Reactor Party Anthem. They can still picture the bearded face and bulbous limbs of Uncle Commi. They still hate Skepticus REX and REXist behaviour of all kinds. For they had achieved Total GHAOS ..."

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