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The Gold Ones on KV-TV

Jun 28, 2016

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A full sized version of the video can be watched here

When Max Gold’s video transmission first came through to us, he named himself as ‘one of the Gold Ones’. After tracking Max for a period, we began filming in the space we now understand to be the Cosmic Care Home. We had previously remained in what could be described as the outer or back spaces, looking through the walls that are at times transparent, or listening in on voices from the other side. This is where the Gold Ones live, and despite their existence on a higher spiritual plane, beyond the limitations of time – the place they inhabit resembles what we would describe as a ‘total institution’. Here on KV-TV now, is another of the Gold Ones, the Peeza Peel, whose muddled mindset of false beliefs and confused thinking, is multiplied by its three mouths. Although the Peeza Peel has access to different planes of reality, it struggles to successfully communicate these alternative perspectives with itself, until it finally reaches communion through the Carol.

This video produced for Kunst Vardo was developed through a live performance at ‘Film Free and Easy’ at Primary (Nottingham).

Da Thirst X BALTIC 39: Dawn Of Justice

Jan 20, 2016

Reactor will be exhibiting new(ish) video work in this live streamed event. 

Ned Alderwick / Best City Fashion / Kansas Bowling / Claire Boyd / Joe Chalmers / Matt Copson / William Glass / Harry Hurlock / Jamian Juliano-Villani / Vera Karlsson / Sasha Litvintseva / Sasha Litvintseva and Graeme Arnfield / Rachel Maclean / William Meredew / Katherine Midgley / Mathew Parkin / Berry Patten / Joe Pearson / Reactor / Dante Rendle-Traynor and Beatrix Blaise / Ginte Regina / Sam Risely / Godai Sahara / Richard Seaholme / Max Shamash / The Stallion (Alastair Mackinven and Ben Wallers) / Rose Rowson / David Steans / Alfie Strong / Orfeo Taguiri / Charles Verni / Jack West / Austin Charles Williams / Chloe Wise / Issy Wood / Rafał Zajko

Live Streamed on : and

20 January - 24 January


ESP Film Open, Selected by Benedict Drew

Aug 22, 2014

On Thursday 14 August 2014, Reactor showed our new video work - 'Max Gold PAYPERVIEW' - at the very first ESP Film Open.

Works were selected by artist Benedict Drew and ESP Programmer Elinor Morgan. Other films as part of the screening were by Dan Auluk, Sophie Bullock, Georgie Grace, Amanda Grist, Tracy Hickinbottom, Michael Lightborne, Amy Lunn, Joanne Masding, Emily Mulenga and Mathew Parkin.

Function III Video Edit Discovered

Sep 22, 2012

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Whilst reviewing past material from the Function events we found this very short video edit of Function III, that was never made public for some reason. We enjoyed seeing it again, so here it is. More material from Function events I-V may emerge (if we can convert those old i-movie files!), whilst the group develop a new series of Function events (VI - X).

Featuring the work of AuntyNazi, Robin Close, Claire Hind, Mike Cunsolo, Anthony Schrag as well as Reactor


Aug 20, 2012

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Reactor will screen a video from The Geodecity Project, at this Nottingham Contemporary offsite event at St. Christopher's Hall. Local artists’ moving image collective Annexinema present an evening of short films responding to themes raised in the Francis Upritchard exhibition. Drawing on Upritchard’s sculptural depictions of countercultural figures, the programme will take a critical look at late-1960s culture, psychedelia, found footage, re-contextualised objects, and the familiar made strange.

Including work by Peter Whitehead, Hem (Geiom), MACE, Alex Pearl, Lindsay Foster, Shezad Dawood, Reactor and Luke Fowler.

Book for the event here

Deathtrap: TV Killing Video and More

Feb 22, 2012

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As part of Deathtrap, the final event at Reactor Towers before is was demolished, Reactor collaborated with Mark Gubb on throwing a TV ‘out the window’. After having sat in Reactor Towers for the past 8 or 9 years, its final day came playing a VHS tape of various rock music videos and interviews supplied by Mark for about 8 or 9 hours. Then it was carried out on to the balcony and thrown off whilst still switched on and playing with volume turned right up. Song at time of death is ‘Inner Self’ by Sepultura from their ‘Beneath the Remains’ album, so Mark reliably tells me. RIP TV.

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