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The Gold Ones on KV-TV

Jun 28, 2016

A full sized version of the video can be watched here

When Max Gold’s video transmission first came through to us, he named himself as ‘one of the Gold Ones’. After tracking Max for a period, we began filming in the space we now understand to be the Cosmic Care Home. We had previously remained in what could be described as the outer or back spaces, looking through the walls that are at times transparent, or listening in on voices from the other side. This is where the Gold Ones live, and despite their existence on a higher spiritual plane, beyond the limitations of time – the place they inhabit resembles what we would describe as a ‘total institution’. Here on KV-TV now, is another of the Gold Ones, the Peeza Peel, whose muddled mindset of false beliefs and confused thinking, is multiplied by its three mouths. Although the Peeza Peel has access to different planes of reality, it struggles to successfully communicate these alternative perspectives with itself, until it finally reaches communion through the Carol.

This video produced for Kunst Vardo was developed through a live performance at ‘Film Free and Easy’ at Primary (Nottingham).