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Here, the Gold Ones meet

Nov 12, 2020

Here, the Gold Ones meet
Bonington Gallery
RESIDENCY: 7 April-29 May 2021
EXHIBITION: 17-29 May 2021

Residency punctuated by live events streamed from the gallery. Book 'ere to visit the Cosmic Care Home between 17-29 May 2021.


Can you hear me?
Yes we can hear you quite clearly now.
It’s good to speak with you again.
What is it like there?
Here, there are endlessly repeating cosmic planes.
Visions of the past and future are accessible.
That’s how we remember it anyway.
So, we’re projecting now.
You’ll need to read between the lines.
Piece together the glimpses. The pieces.
You’re about to arrive.


The Gold Ones have existed across time, and now reside in the Cosmic Care Home (CCH). On this particular cosmic plane they are cut off from a wider community, and lead a bureaucratically controlled existence, cared for by elusive Helping Hands. What can be seen here, is an increasingly incessant transmission from within the Home. As the Gold Ones move through cycles of activity – rest, care, affirmation, breakfast, exercise, games, and treatment – we get to know each of them, their relations and woo-woo beliefs.

This performance-fiction is an evolving narrative, using video, performance, games and installation to explore an imagined present-future-past inhabited by characters collectively known as the Gold Ones. When Max Gold’s first video broadcast came through, he designated himself as ‘one of the Gold Ones’. An undetermined cohort of higher spiritual beings, or so they claim. After tracking Max for a period, we began to watch them intensely, to uncover them one by one. Initially remaining in the back spaces of the CCH, looking through the transparent walls, or listening in on voices from the other side. Here now, if and when we’re ready, you can join the Gold Ones in the main gathering room.

Special thanks to Frank Abbott, Bruce Asbestos, Jim Brouwer, Alice Gale-Feeny, Effy Harle, Beth Kettel, Jez Noond, Daniel Oliver, Reece Straw, and Stuart Tait for collaborating on Here, the Gold Ones meet



The Gold Ones’ Dummies
Saturday 1 May, 17:00–20:00
Live Broadcast: YouTube

Ivan Poe Roll-Thru + Discussion
Thursday 13 May, 19:00–20:30
Book here

CCH 24hr TV
Monday 10 May, 17:00 - Saturday 29 May, 15:00
Watch here