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Reactor Halls E21: Rhythmic Spaces

Feb 22, 2020

Reactor Halls E21: Rhythmic Spaces
Dirty Electronics

A two-day workshop-installation and performance.

Ten artists come together from a range of disciplines: sound, social science, dance, fashion, and design.

A prefab centrepiece is assembled in-situ that is part-scenery, part-stage, part-sound-structure. A ‘rhythmic space’ is created. Geometric patterns and shapes from the centrepiece are taken into the design of costume, dance, and sound.

The workshop-installation will: take inspiration from the scenography of Adolphe Appia and the costumes and performance of Oskar Schlemmer; embrace factory values of efficiency; construct and perform with a bespoke Flatpack Synth; and explore mathematical generated music sequences and digital waveforms.

What else to expect?

The scenery will become sound resonator (transducers)
A hand-automated light show - swinging bulbs, shutters, shadows
‘Object’ dance and movement
Extended bodies - sticks and lasers
Sound horns on trolleys
Detachable and modular sound garments
Flatpack Synth
Manifesto and schemas
More noise
An on-going process documented for future reading/listening/viewing