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Function VI

Sep 24, 2012

Function VI
Saturday, 20 October 2012 – 18:00-21:00
FREE – Booking is essential
PRIMARY, Nottingham

Function is back!

After a seven-year absence, this event will unearth entirely new types of creepy art encounters.

Prising open the doors, we invite you to enter this dilapidated, disused building, navigate this confined space and help bring Function back to life.

Once inside, you might find yourself in the dark, trapped, disrobed, or bare foot and blinking as you find your way between two places. Then, if you bear witness to the Blue Nun, you had best pray it doesn’t happen to you!

To avoid fainting, keep repeating to yourself “It's only Function...It's only Function...”

To enter Function VI book here, and then arrive at the large red gates on Douglas Road, Nottingham NG7 1NW at 18:00 on Saturday, 20 October. Please bring a root vegetable with you in order to gain entry.

Function VI is made up of: AAS, Bruce Asbestos, AuntyNazi, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Robin Close, Phillip Henderson, Robert Holcombe, Mark McGowan, Simon Raven, Tether…with a hint of Reactor.

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Function III Video Edit Discovered

Sep 22, 2012

This entry has video

Whilst reviewing past material from the Function events we found this very short video edit of Function III, that was never made public for some reason. We enjoyed seeing it again, so here it is. More material from Function events I-V may emerge (if we can convert those old i-movie files!), whilst the group develop a new series of Function events (VI - X).

Featuring the work of AuntyNazi, Robin Close, Claire Hind, Mike Cunsolo, Anthony Schrag as well as Reactor