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Call for participants - Reactor Halls E17

Dec 15, 2015

Call for Participants:

Reactor Halls E17: Awkwoods
Experimental Adventures in Awkward Participatory Performance

24-26 January 2016

Primary, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham, NG7 1NU

Reactor are pleased to present Daniel Oliver’s Awkwoods, a 3-day awkwardly facilitated fantastical workshop about awkward audience participation and immersive performance. The event is for artists working within Experimental Theatre, Live Art and Performance Art who have an invested interest in audience participation. The participants and Daniel will live together: working, eating, and sleeping in the same space.

Their experiments, interactions, and discussions will occur within the fictional framework of a ‘rural retreat’ in some woods (when in reality they will be in a large room in Nottingham). These ‘woods’ will be constructed within from parcel tape, dirt, sticks and so on. On the third day of the project they will open up Awkwoods to the public, who will enter into the world they have created and have the opportunity to experience a series of awkward participatory performances that take place within that world.

May contain naturism.

Please email the following information to

• Name

• Contact Details

• That you are applying for Reactor Halls (Or Live Art Bistro - please see for more details)

• A paragraph about your performance practice and the place of audience participation within it (up to 300 words).

• An awkward account of an awkward experience you have had in a participatory performance (up to 300 words).

Deadline: 7 January 2016

For more information on Daniel Oliver please see

Awkwoods: A Rural Retreat was originally devised for the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY 12

[Photo by Guido Mencari from Weird Seance at SPILL Festival of Performance, 2014]