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Mr Ferris reviews Reactor Halls E04

May 26, 2013

Reactor Halls E04: Terry’s Back Passage (Reboot) Compèred by Eǝrth Rod
Mr Ferris

‘For the ladies: Come and see the sex god. And for the guys: Come and do better or I'll take you outside and you can beat me up’, said Roger.

Nobody was beaten up in the playground and nobody did better than Roger Caney. Caney's ode to Ikea and reworkings of I'm Waiting for the Man and My Generation had folks hung-jawed and thwarted for the duration of his recital. Pick of the week, Caney's tragic, farcical, yet cutting quips for me eclipsed the lot nearly.

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Kathy Noble reviews Reactor Halls E04

May 23, 2013

Reactor Halls E04: Terry’s Back Passage (Reboot) Compèred by Eǝrth Rod
Kathy Noble

As an artist, why would you want to make or do something whereby you create a structure that relinquishes complete control over the content presented? For me, as a curator, this makes me squirm, uncomfortable in the idea that an audience would see something that I had not at least had some hand in selecting, making, creating – or whatever today’s perception of curating is. So, attending the Reactor Halls event ‘Terry’s Back Passage’, an ‘open-mic’ event compèred by Eǝrth Rod (where Reactor played no hand in the selection) made me extremely squirmy. Indeed in the course of the evening there were things I found annoying, embarrassing, cringe-worthy, and downright odd. Alongside others I enjoyed a lot.

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