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Polymorph Other

Oct 13, 2019

Curated by Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson
Queen's Hall, Hexham
PREVIEW: Friday 18 October, 6pm
19 October-23 November 2019

In Polymorph Other YOU track down the villain! Travel the great spaceways of the Blue Mountain, enter the deep caverns of the Dice Cult, herald the gold-trimmed adamant platebody armour of the Runescape avatar! Obey the dictum of the TOTALLER game table! Invite your friends to explore the virtual realities of The Gold Ones!  Step into an alternative world where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson! Your mission: to search for an answer to the ever-growing threat of the Present Continuum!

Polymorph Other is an exhibition of materials, records and activities inspired by, involving or about the worlds of gameplay and fiction. It features a range of works and contributions by local and international artists, gamers and groups including David Blandy, Blue Mountain Arcturus, Uma Breakdown, Felix Rose Kawitzky & Marianne Thesen Law, Kate Liston, Daniel Locke, Motsonian, Reactor, TOTALLER, Peter Wolfendale & Timothy Linward, and Hexham-based wargaming company Reiver Castings.

Polymorph Other is supported by the Arts Council England, Northumbria University and iMT Gallery, London.