About Reactor

Reactor is sometimes Rector, aRector or even Ivan’s Dogs with an accent.

To be really reductive and slightly clumsy here, we ring up our mates and say let's get together on Saturday night and have some ‘fun’. No one has any fun, and the next day we get together with another bunch of mates and have some ‘right fun’ about the fact no one had any fun.

Documentation and video excerpts from 'The Gold Ones' at Radar and Plymouth Art Weekender can be viewed here. You can also read Wayne Burrow's take on 'A Weekend of Weird' here, with sexual desire, pantomime horses and Cosmic Care Homes.

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Day is Done

Nov 22, 2016

Reactor curated screening at 'A Weekend of Weird' with An0nymooose, Carmen Argote, Mike Kelley, and Simon Raven

A Weekend of Weird

Nov 22, 2016

Step inside the CCH, where the real action is, surrounded on all sides by the Five Gold Ones. 'A Weekend of Weird' at Radar, Loughborough University, 26 November 2016

Reactor Projects

Martinmas Interviews


We sincerely encourage those who feel ready to join the group and take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews.

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Alligator Resort


As many Floridian golfers know, the perfect leisure experience is fraught with dangers, and alligators have been known to stop play.

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Reactor Halls


Reactor Halls is an experimental programme of live performance, film and music events curated by Reactor.

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Reactor have recently installed a new outdoor sculpture at Primary.

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Dummy Button


Welcome to Dummy Button. This is the future. The currency of choice is time, and you must trade in Periods. Enter now, and boost, BOOST, BOOST!

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Log!c ?stem


Reactor will gather, assemble, perform and exhibit a new work over four weekends at Flux Factory to make Log!c ?stem.

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2003–2005, 2012

It’s that Reactor way of enforcing the premeditated and making a demand that we live in the moment.

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If taking part in a staged death, we cannot guarantee that this is staged.

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Big Lizard’s Big Idea


A peculiar type of rebellion in which we don’t fight the system, but we get too involved, we play along too vigorously, we ’really believe in it’.

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The Geodecity Project


Already, we were learning and appreciating unrecognized ways of working with each other from just this one small task, the weekend itself had not even begun.

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The real everyday action of Munkanon carries on around me; its uncanny logic, its games and tasks, its dynamic of irrectitude.

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Very quickly did this world seem to become a reality, an entry to state of mind where new rules applied, but I didn’t know about them yet.

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The local dadaist Reactor troupe invaded the Cinema's cafébar on the final night with a hilarious grand-guignol performance.

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Toy and Dismantle


There’s that familiar Reactor combination of demand for compliance and playfulness, a bit like a friendly Labrador puppy that comes running up to you with a little stick of dynamite in its mouth.

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Don’t miss Reactor: Creation before the destruction in this vast factory building which is soon to be reduced to rubble.

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