The Green Man & Regular Fellows


The Green Man & Regular Fellows was a live artwork in the form of a pub, complete with adjoining function room. Here Reactor’s interest in the nature of membership as a social construct manifested itself in a series of temporary groups and levels of fellowship. The structure of the work played with the traditions and conventions of the ‘public house’ and ‘private members’ clubs’, producing unexpectedly dis lodged behaviours.

This brief materialisation of The Green Man & Regular Fellows presented a set of mysteries, inviting speculation about its symbols and purpose. Where did it come from, and who was it for? It offered membership, invited you in for drinks and provided a rich environment of song, laughter and games. As the Landlord called upon the Regulars to lend a hand and the more Irregular members burst out of the back rooms, the atmosphere increasingly became more intense and behaviours more frenzied. It soon became clear why the Regular Fellows like to come back time and time again.

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Are you regular?

I've earned the moniker 'Neck Brace'.

Was I the nominated village idiot or was this the next humiliating phase in an unspoken initiation?

Regulars skulked in the shadows cradling half-pint beer mugs of bright green liquid and glancing sheepishly at newcomers.

I held hands with strangers, gave a grown man a piggyback and danced and howled with wonderful irregularity to the jingling of tambourines.

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The Green Man & Regular Fellows was a commission for Trade Gallery (Nottingham – UK) in 2011 and was supported by Arts Council England.