Between 2003-5 Reactor developed its collective practice under the banner of GHAOS, a new behaviour and belief system developed through a series of intertwined projects. During this period the group’s collective consciousness became more responsive and productive. As the layering of projects built up, GHAOS became more than just a name; it was a belief and a way of life, both for the group and for the many participants - known as the GHAOS Actors (i.e. the audience). These events persistently challenged their audience in a number of ways, including their patience and tolerance. ‘GHAOS Actors’ were required to respond when put on the spot; locate and develop their own role within the project; and participate in a set of increasingly complex mythologies.

Cardboard infused live performance.

Just as he was proudly declaring that he was a hologram sent from the future, an elderly couple stopped him and asked politely the directions to St Mary’s Church.

The experience of watching these moments is like falling asleep in front of children's TV and waking up in front of a surrealist European art house production with blurred subtitles.

Egg Boxes? Fishing Rods? A portal to another dimension? Ah yes, it must be Reactor.

The local dadaist Reactor troupe invaded the Cinema's cafébar on the final night with a hilarious grand-guignol performance.


Compiled Press (.pdf, 133 KB)

GHAOS was a multi-commission, multi-partner project and was supported by Arts Council England. GHAOS Starts Here! was commissioned by the NOW Festival (Nottingham - UK) in 2003, GHAOS ZX: Return of the Egg Box was commissioned by Screenplay (Nottingham - UK) and Shift (Leeds - UK), Horse Drawn GHAOS: The Barrel Organ was commissioned by Seen (Leicester - UK) and Q Arts (Derby - UK), Reactor Barge Inn was commissioned by LIFT (London - UK), The Reactor Party is for You, Comrade was commissioned by Waygood Gallery (Newcastle - UK), The Reactor Red Rooms Razzamatazz was commissioned by the You Are Here Festival (Nottingham - UK), Not a Hope in GHAOS was commissioned by Diskurs Festival (Giessen - Germany), the Reactor Russian Dancing (Shit) Bears was commissioned by Duckie (London - UK) in 2004, and Ghouls & GHAOS: Escape from Reactor Towers was commissioned by Screenplay (Nottingham - UK) in 2005.