Following a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), Reactor were given 14 days to vacate Reactor Towers (the space the group had occupied for nine years). In response the group will stage one final project in the space: Deathtrap.

Inviting artists who had previously worked with the group in this space to contribute to a responsive, impromptu, improvised and ad hoc project. Turning the Towers into a living installation. Pre-empting its destruction and prophesising what would emerge from the rubble. Throwing health & safety (along with other things) out of the windows and inducing fear of confined spaces. Opening up hidden parts of the building and bricking up the exits.

This was the last opportunity to visit Reactor Towers before its demolition.

Including: Niki Russell, Stuart Tait, Dan Williamson, Jon Burgerman, Bruce Asbestos, Claire Hind, Phillip Henderson, Dingle Price, Craig Fisher, Robin Close, Mark Gubb, Kathryn Cooper, AuntyNazi, Vladimir Krushal, Jonathan Waring and Dai Roberts.

If taking part in a staged death, we cannot guarantee that this is staged.

I opened a door to a small padded room in which a woman was eating a chocolate bar. She said she’d been sent there.

Deathtrap took place in 2012 and was supported by Arts Council England.