Reactor Party Campaign


In the second year of GHAOS, the pace changed dramatically with the arrival of the Reactor Party, which turned the group into partly political activists pushing for a new world order - Total GHAOS. Worldwide participation within the Party was required and those that signed up were expected to contribute to this drive, through sticker actions and further propaganda distribution through their own networks.

Reactor Party activists took to the streets to drum up support for the correct line of GHAOS. Through a Blitzkrieg approach to campaigning they made sure to reach the majority of the local shoppers in their short visits. From Burton-on-Trent to Glasgow, the Reactor Party Anthem, sandwich boards and stirring speeches enticed the prospective Party members – and for those who choose to join free badges and stickers were the reward. This campaign was further developed and promoted through Raleighs across numerous UK cities.

In the beginning; the letter G is bigger than the letter C, it also spelt in capitals and therefore GHAOS appears to be more important than Chaos. Chaos may exist without any person's awareness of it. Whereas GHAOS is the source and the product of engagement and participation. GHAOS is GHAOS and the forest is the forest. If a tree falls over in the forest, does the forest also fall over?

The Reactor Party Campaign was a multi-commission, multi-partner project and was supported by Arts Council England. Thanks to Monitor, Situation Leeds and Market Gallery for hosting particular aspects of the campaign.