Reactor was the first true collaboration between the artists involved with the group and subsequently where it derived its name.

Housed throughout the four floors of an old factory building, Reactor offered the chance to interact with a unique labyrinth of dynamic installations designed to provoke and inspire direct exchanges of operation, destruction, creation and mutation. The works within this event were formed over an extended period at the site and emerged from an ongoing dialogue amongst the group, focused on evolution and hands on interaction. Over a ten-day period the visitors influence fed back into the work as visitors of all ages were encouraged to step out of the usually passive role of the viewer into an active investigation of their own relationship with their immediate surroundings.

Don’t miss Reactor: Creation before the destruction in this vast factory building which is soon to be reduced to rubble.


Compiled Press (.pdf, 66 KB)

Reactor took place in a empty warehouse (Nottingham - UK) in 2002, and was supported by East Midlands Arts and New Deal for Communities.