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Martinmas Interviews 2011

Nov 14, 2011

‘The attributes of liminality or of liminal personae (“Threshold People”) are necessarily ambiguous, since this condition and these persons elude or slip through the network of classifications that normally locate states and positions in cultural space. Liminal entities are neither here or there; they are betwixt and between the position as assigned and arrayed by the law, custom, convention, and ceremonial. As such, their ambiguous and indeterminate attributes are expressed by a rich variety of symbols in the many societies that ritualize social and cultural transitions. Thus, liminality is frequently likened to death, to being in the womb, to invisibility, to darkness, to bisexuality, to the wilderness, and to an eclipse of the sun or moon.’

Seeking the clearing between the two towers in the wood, Reactor ventured West to the middle land. Members old and new gathered with the threshold people to tread the wine of the new season in the stump of an old oak before the protocols of secret membership were, at last, committed to paper.

In the 4th century AD, the Bishop St. Martin was walking to Rome on a pilgrimage. He encountered Satan and was mocked by him. As punishment St. Martin turned the devil into a donkey and rode the lazy beast for the remainder of his journey. The Donkey cursed him and spoke in palindromes.

Because of this significant encounter, Reactor chose this date as the most appropriate for the interviewing of potential new group members and for their initiation into the most honoured role of Secret Member – a role that is theirs for exactly one year, until the wheel turns once more to Martinmas. This year, at 11:11, eleven minutes’ silence was observed in honour of the palindromic date, 11/11/11.

Reactor can now reveal that, for the fifth year in a row, despite unprecedented enquiry none of the applicants who presented themselves for initiation on November 11th 2010 filled the gap, and so the chair of the Secret Member remained empty during 2010/11. Now, this year’s prospective initiates have stepped forward and decisions have been taken.

Reactor sincerely encourages those who feel ready to join the group, and to take on the role of Secret Member, to step forward urgently and present themselves for the Martinmas Interviews. There is an opening at the heart of the group that awaits the correct initiate, and Reactor is ready to guide you through the preparations. For a copy of the Reactor Membership Handbook, and to apply click here.