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Olympic Mascot: The Truth

Jul 26, 2012

Forget Wedlock and Mandelbrot, Big Lizard is the true Olympic Mascot. All will be revealed this Friday at the opening ceremony for London 2012. The Away Teams have completed their visits, the Global Elite has been manipulated, Ramiccee X has re-entered our solar system signalling this new phase of contact between the Ril-ya and the Earth (or to give it it’s real name, Ramiccee Y).

We now know that the prophecy of the infant sacrifice was the truth and all this hoola-hooping really was beneficial. Big Lizard has been successfully tested as a cuddly form of Ril-ya that all ages, races, religions and nationalities of the Human race are naturally drawn to, softening the blow when the real Ril-ya reveal them selves to the world later this week. Ril-yant!

Through leaked and decoded Ril-ya documents we can exclusively reveal that:

“The mass transportation of the 144,000 Chosen Few will take place during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games. Those that have been chosen will be present at the opening ceremony, in the audience, performing in the ceremony and staffing the venue, whilst they await the arrival of the transportation craft. This transportation will be televised around the globe and followed by a Ril-ya puppet show informing those left behind of their fate. These Chosen Few will then be groomed for 5 years, genetically tested and altered, and returned to Earth once conditions have been stabilised.”

Will you be at the opening ceremony of London 2012? If your answer to this question is no (the marble did not enter the tea pot), make sure you enjoy your last day on Earth!

“No, I can’t tell you anything about it.” – Lord Coe