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Reactor Halls E06

Aug 15, 2013

Reactor Halls E06
Wirksworth Town Hall
Saturday 14 September 2013, 19:30

Reactor Halls, on tour for the first time, will transform Wirksworth Town Hall into a den of anachronism for one night only. Following an invitation to respond to the overarching themes of the Festival’s Visual Art programme, Reactor present an evening of recycled footage, resampled sounds, reclaimed materials and rescued technology. Featuring Core Melt Down, Electric Magnetic Light, Joseph Lewis, Public Service Broadcasting and Dirty Electronics.

Tickets £12 (SOLD OUT)

Core Melt Down is an audio-visual collaboration between artists Phillip Henderson (audio) and Daniel Williamson (video) using old, found and repurposed technology and media to create repetitive sounds and cut up visuals.

Electric Magnetic Light is a series of experiments and interventions using obsolete technology and visual feedback loops to explore intermediary spaces in the fourth dimension.

Joseph Lewis’ Who is this that is coming? and what is a drone? Is a two-part composition written for the Portiv Church and Hurdy-Gurdy. Central to the performance is the fear of the unknown both supernatural and otherwise, offering a ritual meditation design to undermine the dark forces that control us.

Public Service Broadcasting weave samples from old public information films, archive footage and propaganda material around live instrumentation and electronics. They teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future - beaming our past back at us through vintage TV sets and state of the art modern video projection.
"Adrenalised post-rock and electronics ... Gripping" * * * * MOJO

Dirty ElectronicsEar-Piece, John Richards will work with festival-goers to take a box of discarded old telephones as a starting point for the creation of electronic sound and a large group performance. Twigs and wool from the locality give rise to an unlikely noise circuit. And the act of clypping (clasping) conducts electricity through bodies to power a synthesiser.

Reactor Halls is a series of events curated by Reactor focused on music and performance, allowing the group to collaborate with artists on an alternative strand of activity. The first season were staged at Primary in Nottingham, and this event launches a second season of events that will expand Reactor’s approach to collaborating with other artists and organisations. 

Reactor Halls E06 is co-curated with Rose Lejeune as part of Wirksworth Festival 2013.