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Reactor Halls E07

Jan 13, 2014

Reactor Halls E07: I am the Live Warrior
Saturday 25 January, 19:30-22:30

'I am the Live Warrior' is a new event by Juneau Projects that brings together the worlds of life drawing and live gigs. Two acts will play throughout the evening: Alex Juno (Elmo Sexwhistle) and Swoomptheeng. The audience are invited not only to watch the bands but to also draw, paint and sculpt them using the art materials provided. The things that people create in response to watching the bands will be added to the stage set up, resulting in a growing exhibition of artistic responses to the live music forming throughout the evening.

The two bands playing have strong visual elements to their live performances and should hopefully make good subjects. Here is what each band has to say about themselves:

Alex Juno (Elmo Sexwhistle) is a teacher and musician from Birmingham. His band Elmo Sexwhistle are popular on the Birmingham Electronic Music Scene and have just finished their debut album which fuses heavy metal riffs, NIN-like keyboard sounds, Electronica, Psychedelic atmospheres, random Nintendo sounds and orchestral elements. Alex also creates synthesizer-demo videos for Youtube, the “Dem Jamz” series. This series fuses music, sound collage and video together.

Swoomptheeng are a multimedia collective of eight characters or persons. Our world is defined and shaped through the elements of Rave Craft, Zombie Breakbeat and Ritualised Punk Technology, these elements are the rules of engagement through which we create.

The event has been conceived by Juneau Projects as an experimental off-shoot from their ongoing open exhibition project 'I am the Warrior'.