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Reactor Halls E20: The Gold Ones’ Dummies

Jan 29, 2020

Reactor Halls E20: The Gold Ones' Dummies

The Gold Ones have existed across time, and now reside in the Cosmic Care Home (CCH). On this higher astral plane they are cut off from a wider community, and lead a bureaucratically controlled existence, cared for by elusive 'Helping Hands'. What can be seen here, is a broadcast of The Gold Ones as they move through cycles of activity - rest, care, affirmation, breakfast, exercise, games, and treatment. Or, if and when you’re ready, Dummies can visit the CCH for a period, joining The Gold Ones in the main gathering room.


The project is an evolving narrative, that uses video, performance and installation to explore an imagined future inhabited by characters collectively known as the Gold Ones. When Max Gold’s video transmission first came through in 2014, he named himself ‘one of the Gold Ones’. After tracking Max for a period, filming began in the space known as the CCH. Initially remaining in what could be described as the outer or back spaces of the CCH, looking through the walls that are at times transparent, or listening in on voices from the other side.

This is where the Gold Ones live, and despite their existence on a higher spiritual plane, beyond the limitations of time – the place they inhabit resembles what would be described as a ‘total institution’. What has been seen to date is some semblance of the outer perimeter, or the first entry point into the body of the CCH. It is intended that you will further get to know the Gold Ones through the broadcast that is being made here now, and in the future, about who they were and how they exist.