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Richard Whitby reviews Reactor Halls E11

Jun 16, 2014

Reactor Halls E11: The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show
Richard Whitby

"Featuring works by Jennet Thomas, Paul Tarragó and Leo Chadburn (aka Simon Bookish), artist collective Reactor’s live art experiment Reactor Halls E11: The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show was a mixed bill of video, film, performance, music and a quiz (with prizes). The last in a series of ‘events that embrace the live situation’, it was held at the group’s studio space in Primary, a former primary school turned new art space in Lenton, Nottingham.

A classroom seemed an appropriate setting for this hospitable but also self professedly ‘dark’ programme – traffic between the worlds of adult and childish understanding being a common device in the works ..."

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Reactor Halls E11

May 07, 2014

Reactor Halls E11: The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show
Saturday 24 May 2014, 19.30

Reactor Halls E11 is the last in the current season of events. The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show is a Film/Live Performance/Music event by artists Jennet Thomas, Paul Tarragó and Leo Chadburn (a.k.a. Simon Bookish). It’s a kind of experimental variety show, a rich and strange cocktail of aesthetic pleasures, unusual ideas and cerebral, pop-cultural experimentations.

Amongst other works, you will see:

‘I AM YOUR ERROR MESSAGE’ - Jennet Thomas performs a bizarre Q and A dialogue with a day-glo character trapped in the Video screen, attempting to save your world from an Error- ‘That Algorithm’ - spreading deep inside the structures of everything.

We will visit Paul Tarragó’s world of PAUL AND THE BADGER a simulated TV puppet show series that is not quite right… but strangely sincere in its adventures in wrongness. Paul will also perform a multi-screen Tape/Slide/Super 8 feat of celluloid poetics.

Simon Bookish will perform with vocal mastery a spoken word + music piece from Trainwreck/Raincheck – truly alarming tales directly transcribed from his dreams, work which has drawn comparisons with "Bowie and Baudrillard, Burroughs and Byrne".

There also will be a couple of live mystery events which will defy all logical explanation, and a real quiz, with actual prizes

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Reactor Halls E10

Mar 29, 2014

Reactor Halls E10: Myth-Science-Colloquium
Plastique Fantastique
Saturday 26 April 2014, 19.00

Myth-Science operates as a fictioning-technology when the former names any complex system of belief. Myth-Science-Colloquium will attempt to accelerate and decelerate myths, operating as a counter to common sense, while at the same time being located on the same level as more standard technologies. As such Myth-Science-Colloquium will not only twist the visible and audible, but also operate on the as yet invisible and inaudible

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Emma Moore reviews Reactor Halls E08

Mar 28, 2014

Reactor Halls E08: The Family Show
Emma Moore

The Family Show, hosted by Kathy Noble, marked the eighth episode in a series of live events staged at Reactor Halls, PRIMARY.  The evening was billed as a talk show[1] and included a special conversation with artists Julia Crabtree  & William Evans and performances by Jennifer Bailey and Sophiel Aurora.

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Reactor Halls E09

Mar 03, 2014

Reactor Halls E09: Psychotronic Reactors
Ryan Jordan & Jonathan Kemp
Saturday 15 March 2014

Workshop 12:00-18:00, £10 advance tickets. Book here

Performance 19:00, £3 on the door.

A one-day workshop followed by performance, experimenting with some of the cosmic and geological forces in which our psyches are subjected to (psychogeophysics).

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