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Reactor Halls E10

Mar 29, 2014

Reactor Halls E10: Myth-Science-Colloquium
Plastique Fantastique
Saturday 26 April 2014, 19.00

Myth-Science operates as a fictioning-technology when the former names any complex system of belief. Myth-Science-Colloquium will attempt to accelerate and decelerate myths, operating as a counter to common sense, while at the same time being located on the same level as more standard technologies. As such Myth-Science-Colloquium will not only twist the visible and audible, but also operate on the as yet invisible and inaudible

It is not envisaged that the dominant myths will give up their ground easily, or indeed that they can be isolated and separated from our own mixtures. As far as this goes, Myth-Science-Colloquium will itself be a grey zone.

We will use any means at our disposal (sounds, images, bodies) in order to build sonic and imaginal platforms for strange shapes and drone-drenched avatars. To know in advance precisely what this Myth-Science-Colloquium is, would be to already capture – and, hence, disable – its functioning. We do not know what it will sound/look like, but in a future yet to be determined we will know when we have heard/seen it.

Plastique Fantastique (David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan), Tai Shani, Benedict Drew, Oreet Ashery, Tom Clarke, Mark Jackson, John Russell, and AAS.