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GHAOS, 2003–2005 DVD

Jan 01, 2007

Upon the completion of the GHAOS project in late 2005, Reactor undertook an intensive survey of the work made during this period. Each project was carefully examined and the documentary footage edited into a short sample that gave a representative overview of the event. The best of these short films were selected and incorporated into a DVD, which marks the end of this significant project and also functions as a work in its own right.

The production of this DVD has given Reactor the opportunity to present previously unseen material, as well as incorporating additional elements expanding the project further. As with any Reactor project, it is important that it should be packed with detail, representing a complex web of activity and multiple points of entry into the project.

The disc contains nine main event edits, and six extra features relating to aspects of events that Reactor thought needed further elaboration, in order to get a comprehensive overview of the project. Altogether there are 23 short videos, making a total running time of 2 hours 10 mins.

Amongst the extra features is an audio commentary for each of the main event edits. This voice over sees members of the group giving additional background information; reminiscing about working on the projects; pointing out things they consider to be of significant importance, but which might otherwise be missed; in addition to talking nonsense and drawing attention to pointless details.

The design concept takes one of the elements that bound the various events together: corrugated cardboard. The cover can be seen as the cardboard tombstone to GHAOS, adorned with cut out letters. Rip it open and inside the cardboard shows its guts, containing the ‘cardboard’ disc and a hand written contents list. The spine binds the package together as a single slab of cardboard.

Main Edits:

  • Total GHAOS
  • Reactor Party Raleigh
  • Street Action
  • Ghouls and GHAOS: Escape from Reactor Towers
  • The Reactor Russian Dancing (Shit) Bears
  • Not A Hope in GHAOS
  • Horse Drawn GHAOS
  • GHAOS ZX: The Return of the Egg Box
  • GHAOS Starts Here!

Bonus Material:

  • GHAOS Starts Here! Alternative Tours:
  • Protest Tour
  • Now 97+98 Tour
  • Technology Tour
  • Not A Hope in GHAOS bonus film clips:
  • Saturday Night Staying Alive
  • BayRider
  • 50 Busty Women
  • The Dry Shower
  • Waste Wars
  • Everything you wanted to know about Gibbon but were too afraid to AASK
  • The Road to Gibbon
  • GHAOS ZX: Global GHAOS 3D Egg Box Portal Film
  • Lynx Sticker Image Show reel
  • The 6 Unit Hate video

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