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The Gold Ones at Plymouth Art Weekender

Sep 05, 2016

The Gold Ones
24-25 September, 10:00-17:00

Plymouth Art Weekender
Place du Brest
Armada Way

Round and round, the Gold Ones go, watching the unruly Ivan Poe.

Get right inside the mind of a Gold One, look through the walls and floors of the Cosmic Care Home, glide down long tubes and across cosmic planes.

Ivan Poe, although well meaning, lacks the ability to fully concentrate on the job of clearing up the Cosmic Care Home, and is attracted to stuff that moves and things that are brightly coloured.

Ivan Poe in search of bright things, ends up rolling through this very familiar landscape; turning blue people into balloons, narrowly avoiding a golden Elephant and organising his shapes within the frames. She just wants to be helpful; but only seems to leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

So come get led astray by this crude cuboid character, who has appeared suddenly and dramatically along the Armada Way.

Reactor’s work for Plymouth Art Weekender offers an insight into the Cosmic Care Home, the home of the Gold Ones.

A Visual Arts Plymouth commission for Plymouth Art Weekender, supported by Arts Council England.