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Reactor Halls E05

Apr 13, 2013

Reactor Halls E05
AAS present Circle of Fifths
Saturday 1 June 2013, 19:30

Art group AAS curate a night of drone based music featuring Samekhmem, Graham Dunning, Hexachordal and Phillip Henderson.

£3 advance tickets / £5 on the door. Book for this event here.

Samekhmem are performers of the Sacred Eternal Drone – a perpetual vibration that has always been and will always continue. Samekhmem offer a meditative environment for the audience’s inner journey, before words, before music. Samekhmem performances exist in flux between eternal duration and linear time. Samekhmem's recordings are distributed via Trojan Goat Records.

Graham Dunning is an artist and musician based in London. In his current live set he uses sound from forced locked-groove records, looped found tapes, live environmental sound, walkmans and analogue synth to create a dark, bass-heavy collage of texture, drone and rhythm. This set has evolved from the recent Music By The Metre project, recordings from which are due to be released through Entr'acte later this year, mastered by Lawrence English.

Hexachordal is musician and artist Tom Milsom. He is based in London, self-producing his albums and distributing them online. His style spans various genres, from psychedelic pop to hypnotic electronica. He also improvises live, looped beats from percussion, synth and vocals, where sounds grow organically and degrade through repetition.

Phillip Henderson has a body - while he is out of it he plays drones, drum kit and electronics - he also chants and sings. He is a researcher at The University for the Creative Arts in south-east England. His research interests include the temporal relationships between drone, improvisation and indeterminacy and the improvisational techniques of Derek Bailey, Cornelius Cardew, Ornette Coleman, Charlemagne Palestine and John Zorn.