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Reactor Halls E09

Mar 03, 2014

Reactor Halls E09: Psychotronic Reactors
Ryan Jordan & Jonathan Kemp
Saturday 15 March 2014

Workshop 12:00-18:00, £10 advance tickets. Book here

Performance 19:00, £3 on the door.

A one-day workshop followed by performance, experimenting with some of the cosmic and geological forces in which our psyches are subjected to (psychogeophysics).

Psychotronic Reactors participants will construct two custom world-brain interfaces: a simple geo-amplifier connected to a band of DIY coils on the scalp to play natural electro-magnetic signals from geological samples across the brain; and goggles which bombard the wearers eyes with stroboscopic light in order to open flicker portals in optic nerve fibres, potentially leading to hallucinatory and psychedelic experiences.

A group evening performance by all participants will be framed by Slave-Master, a jjjemp (jonathan kemp) microwave based noise experiment, and Possession Trance, a psychophysical group hallucination by Ryan Jordan.

The workshop is limited to 10 places and costs £10 (lunch provided). No previous experience required and all equipment provided. If you own a soldering iron please bring it with you. Book here

Ryan Jordan
Jonathan Kemp