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Primary at Wysing Polyphonic

Jun 28, 2016

Primary at Wysing Polyphonic
Saturday 2 July, 12:00-23:00
Offsite at Wysing Arts Centre

Frank Abbott, Bruce Asbestos, Wayne Burrows, Rebecca Lee, Alison Lloyd and Reactor will be performing at Wysing Polyphonic – Wysing Arts Centre’s yearly music festivel. They will come together in a variety of combinations to explore the lines between sound and language, sense and non-sense. Spoken and sung performances will include the Scratch Orchestra’s Georgina Cries, a forgetful cowboy, a live version of Reactor’s Peeza Peel, a John Cage song and an interpretation of songs from Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Cocu.

These performances will take place on the Studio Stage, 17:15-18:15.

Book tickets for the festival here

Wysing Arts Centre, Fox Road, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TX

The Gold Ones on KV-TV

Jun 28, 2016

This entry has video

A full sized version of the video can be watched here

When Max Gold’s video transmission first came through to us, he named himself as ‘one of the Gold Ones’. After tracking Max for a period, we began filming in the space we now understand to be the Cosmic Care Home. We had previously remained in what could be described as the outer or back spaces, looking through the walls that are at times transparent, or listening in on voices from the other side. This is where the Gold Ones live, and despite their existence on a higher spiritual plane, beyond the limitations of time – the place they inhabit resembles what we would describe as a ‘total institution’. Here on KV-TV now, is another of the Gold Ones, the Peeza Peel, whose muddled mindset of false beliefs and confused thinking, is multiplied by its three mouths. Although the Peeza Peel has access to different planes of reality, it struggles to successfully communicate these alternative perspectives with itself, until it finally reaches communion through the Carol.

This video produced for Kunst Vardo was developed through a live performance at ‘Film Free and Easy’ at Primary (Nottingham).

You wanna be in Martinmas?

May 23, 2016

With just 171 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes and 14 seconds to go until this year's Martinmas Interviews take place in Nottingham on the 11th November 2016, now is the appropriate time to remind you of this opening. This is a very special year, and this is why there is this opening for the right candidate; but being right involves accepting a range of responsibilities, expectations and protocols. That said there are also some rewards that await the correct initiate.

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Particle exchange at Atelier Felix/Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Feb 13, 2016

Particle, 17-21 February
Public Event: Friday 19 February 19.00-21.00
Atelier Felix, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Reactor, Marthe A. Andersen, Anja Carr, Kristian Dahl, Roderick Hietbrink

Reactor have been invited to Oslo to participate in an exchange process with Marthe A. Andersen, Anja Carr, Kristian Dahl and Roderick Hietbrink. Over a series of days the artists will meet one another and share ideas about their work before coming together on Friday 19 February to host an event that is the result of the previous days conversations and activities. The event will be spontaneous, intuitive, and unpredictable resulting in outcomes that will only be discovered by those curious enough to find out.

Supported by Kunst Vardo

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